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Lavender Lemonade Gin Cocktail Recipe: A Refreshing Twist on Classic Drinks

Yields: Approximately 4 drinks

Elevate your cocktail game with this aromatic and refreshing Lavender Lemonade Gin Cocktail. Perfect for any occasion, this easy-to-make drink combines the smooth taste of Venus Gin with the subtle floral notes of lavender and the zesty punch of lemonade, topped off with an optional fizz of seltzer water or champagne.


  • Venus Gin No. 01: Ideal for enhancing the botanical flavors. Venus Gin No. 01 (Venus Gin)
  • 2 cups Lemonade: Homemade for freshness or store-bought for convenience.
  • 2 tablespoons Dried Lavender: For a fragrant infusion.
  • Optional: Seltzer water or champagne for topping.

Per Drink:

  • 1.5 parts Venus Gin
  • 3 parts Lavender Lemonade
  • Optional: Top with seltzer water or champagne for added bubbles.


  1. Infuse the Lemonade:
    • Combine 2 cups of lemonade with 2 tablespoons of dried lavender in a small pot.
    • Heat to a low boil, then turn off the heat and allow the mixture to steep for 15 minutes. This step infuses the lemonade with the lavender’s soothing floral flavors.
    • Refrigerate the infused lemonade until it is thoroughly chilled.
  2. Mix Your Cocktail:
    • Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.
    • Pour 1.5 parts Venus Gin and 3 parts chilled lavender lemonade over the ice.
    • Shake vigorously to blend the flavors.
  3. Serve:
    • Strain the cocktail into glasses.
    • Optionally, top each drink with a splash of seltzer water or champagne to introduce a delightful fizz.
    • Garnish as desired and serve immediately.

This Lavender Lemonade Gin Cocktail is the perfect blend of sophistication and fun, ideal for sipping on a sunny afternoon or serving at a festive gathering.

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