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Welcome to my world of creating.

My name is Kendra Thompson, I live in Northern California and my passion is creating.

I enjoy life one project at a time; well who am I kidding, multiple projects at a time!

I love creating recipes, working on many craft projects, laughing until my stomach hurts, spending quality time with my family, getting my hands dirty in our garden (I also love designing gardens for others), home and landscape designs, and basically everything else that goes into making a house a home.

A little bit about my background:

I grew up in a small town in Southern California and moved to Santa Cruz when I was 18. I studied Legal Studies at UC Santa Cruz and landed my first  career in Silicon Valley as a Background Investigator. From there I worked my way to becoming a Law Enforcement Background Investigator; performing extensive background checks on individuals applying for careers in Law Enforcement. I got to travel and dig into peoples lives (I loved it).

Then I was referred to a large tech company on their Law Enforcement Response Team. I loved this career, the company, and the people I worked with. While working here I met an amazing lady who encouraged me to take my hobbies and share it with the world. She really inspired me and from that in 2019 Create with Kendra was born.

In 2021 I gave birth to our adorable son. Even though I loved my career, I made the tough decision to stay home and take care of our son full time. Best decision for me! But guess what!? Thats not all, as  someone who cannot sit still and loves staying busy, I went back to school and got my Real Estate License. It made complete sense; I love everything involving homes!

So here I am today, welcome to Create with Kendra! Lets make some recipes, garden together, work on home projects, and explore the fascinating world of real estate!

I love hearing from you, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me. 

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