What is Redwood Social?

Redwood Social is a place for women to come together for great conversations, friendships, and networking; all centered around what I love the most, food! Each month I will be hosting events and coordinating with local restaurants around the Bay Area.

Each event will include 5 other women (6 including myself), drinks, appetizers, and dinner all gathered around a table.

Other events will include cooking classes, dance classes, yoga classes, and group walks/hikes.

How does it work?

Below you will see upcoming events. Click the event of your choice.

Once the events have been created, subscribers will be given first priority. I will send out an email to people who have subscribed letting them know they can book their event through my website.

How much does it cost?

Each event’s price will differ accordingly. This will be based off the food and drink prices. All walks and hikes are free!

Please subscribe below to receive emails and updates for upcoming events.

If you are a local business and would like to host an event please email me at

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sign up for event

Thank you so much for your interest in Redwood Social. Please add in your information and a little about yourself. I do not care about age; I just want to make sure you are over 21 if alcohol will be served. I will curate the dinner with 5 other women to bring together for the evening. If you are one of those women, an email will be sent out with the payment link.

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