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What is Redwood Social?

Redwood Social is designed exclusively for women to come together and engage in meaningful conversations, foster friendships, and build a strong network, all while sharing a common passion for food. Located in Santa Cruz County, Redwood Social hosts a variety of monthly events and collaborates with other local businesses to create delightful experiences.

The heart of Redwood Social’s gatherings lies in intimate gatherings around a table, where women, including the host Kendra, share drinks, appetizers, and dinner. These events provide the perfect setting for fostering connections and creating cherished memories.

In addition to the delectable dining experiences, Redwood Social also offers a diverse array of events, including cooking classes, dance classes, yoga sessions, and group walks/hikes. These activities offer a chance for women to come together, learn something new, and strengthen their bond in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

To participate in these exciting events, interested individuals can subscribe to Redwood Social’s email list. Subscribers receive priority access to book upcoming events through the website. Each event’s pricing is based on the food and drink options, ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all attendees. It’s worth mentioning that all walks and hikes are offered free of charge, encouraging everyone to embrace the beauty of nature together.

If you are a local business interested in collaborating with Redwood Social by hosting an event, you can get in touch via email at Redwood Social embraces community engagement and partnerships to create unique and enriching experiences for its members.

Overall, Redwood Social is an inviting space where women can come together, savor delicious food, discover new passions, and form meaningful connections that extend beyond the dining table. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Redwood Social promises to be a place where lasting friendships and memorable experiences are born. Subscribe today and join this delightful community for a journey of camaraderie and culinary delights

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Thank you so much for your interest in Redwood Social. Please add in your information and a little about yourself. I do not care about age; I just want to make sure you are over 21 if alcohol will be served. I will curate the dinner with 5 other women to bring together for the evening. If you are one of those women, an email will be sent out with the payment link.

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